Portimão - Algarve


One of the largest cities on the Algarve coast, land of fishermen and one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. It was declared a city in 1924, after several successful development activities following its economic decline in 1755 by a major earthquake.

Trade, exports, milling, fishing and fish canning helped in the recovery since the earthquake, which continue to this day are considered the main activities, along with the tourist branch.

Portimão is a good place to invest, there have been in the last 15 years positive points of development in the area, from the Portimão Marina to the largest shopping center in the Algarve.

Portimão is a historical town, in it there are traces of the Neolithic period and classical antiquity (Medellinic route exchanges, traces of the Roman period and others...) Several archaeological treasures have been found.

The beaches are excellent and inviting, ideal for those looking to relax or break from their work routine. Exitse a wide choice of leisure activities to do, restaurants and entertainment.

Praia da Rocha and Praia de Alvor, are considered the most popular.