Lagos - Algarve


Lagos is a town in the Algarve with a population of approximately 30,000 people, these numbers increase during the summer months due to the increase in visitors and foreign tourism.

Lagos is one of the most visited cities of the Algarve and of the country due to its wonderful beaches, its rock formations, restaurants and hotels and also due to its diversified offer of day and night entertainment.

One of the attractions of the city center is its historic center where it is possible to see various notes and records from the time of the discoveries and beyond.

Lagos is one of the cities with the warmest climate all year round due to the fact that it is at the exit of the Mediterranean Sea and also has the Bensafrim River which makes the climate very humid during the summer months and with very high temperatures, the average temperature of the sea water is 21 degrees while the ambient temperature is 22 degrees reaching 28/30 in the summer months.

It also has wonderful beaches with fantastic views and stunning rock formations.