Albufeira - Algarve


Albufeira has an enviable natural heritage of white sandy beaches and warm waters that make its 30km coastline one of the main attractions.

Distinguished as an award-winning destination for the quality of its beaches by reaching 20 Blue Flags.

Since 1960, Albufeira has been a favorite destination for international tourists, causing a development in the hotel industry that culminated with a subsequent urban development.

In Albufeira you can find quality of life and well-being. The region offers a wide range of services and cultural events that combine the past with the present and provide the city with a unique cultural dynamic. It is worth highlighting some festivities such as "The Fisherman's Festival" very well known in the region and that occurs in September.

From traditional stores, restaurants, shopping centers, beaches, golf, nightlife, health services, etc ... everything you need for your comfort and day to day is here. Also at the level of health and education the region covers these two requirements for those seeking quality of life, we can not neglect that there are two prestigious private schools, namely the International College of Vilamoura and the International School of Porches.

Albufeira's gastronomy is very rich and diverse, with influences from international cuisines. Due to its proximity to the sea, fish and seafood dishes are what stands out in the restaurants and homes of albufeirenses. The fish stew, the seafood rice and the choquinhos with ink are some of the typical dishes, in what concerns the sweets made from figs, almonds, gila or carob.

Tourists have in Albufeira a tourist destination of choice, for its nightlife and its beaches.